The Internet of Things and Identity

The internet has facilitated the communication revolution. How we connect with our friends, families and work colleagues has changed forever. With revolution comes evolution, a movement well underway thanks to the Internet of Things. In 2020 it is reported that there will be 27 billion or more devices connected through the internet. These devices won’t […]

How the Collaborative Economy Relies on Digital “Trust”

“Collaborative Consumption”, “The Sharing Economy” and “Peer-to-Peer” are relatively new terms; the premise in which their function lies is not. Since trade began, we have always tried to cut out the middleman. The internet as an enabler The internet has been the “collaborative consumption” enabler, allowing peers to reach each other faster and on a […]

User-centric Identity

This month, I once again contributed an article to The Paypers’ Voice of the Industry where I covered user-centric data and its impact on customer transactions. You can read the original post here. User-centric Identity We are in a time when customer expectations concerning their online experience is becoming ever more sophisticated. In tandem, some of the negative aspects […]

Social Data for Identity

Last month, I contributed an article to The Paypers’ Voice of the Industry  social data for identity in the digital marketplace. The point that I really wanted to emphasise is that the only way to enable digital market opportunities is to create trust. This changing online market moves with innovation, speed and the ability to reach across borders – […]

Anyone for Identipedia?

A Google search for ‘anti-fraud systems’ throws up 589 of the most ‘relevant’ results. On the first page alone links range from anti-virus software to national systems used for fraud to the repor- ted number of losses by the National Fraud Authority (NFA). Typing in ‘identity verification service’ and I get a similar number of […]